Full Liberation – Richard Rohr

The term liberation theology has a negative connotation in the minds of some people. It sounds like something heretical, leftist, or Marxist, and certainly not biblical. In fact, it is at the heart of the Judeo-Christian tradition and marks its very beginning. It is amazing that much of Christianity has been able to avoid the obvious for so long.
We see the beginnings of liberation theology as early as twelve hundred years before Christ with the Exodus experience of the Jewish people. Something divine happened that allowed an enslaved group of Semitic people in Egypt to experience many levels of liberation. By grace, Moses and Aaron found the courage to confront the pharaoh to let the people go. The burning bush experience quickly became a momentous act of civil disobedience. The Exodus was both an inner journey and an outer journey and then the basic template and metaphor for the whole Bible. If the inner journey does not match and lead to an outer journey, we have no true liberation at all. Most groups choose just one side or the other; very few choose both. That is what liberation theology is honest enough to point out.

+Adapted from CAC Foundation Set: Gospel Call to Compassionate Action
(Bias from the Bottom) and Contemplative Prayer (Recording).

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