The Day Death Died – Reverend B. Gail Williams

No one cried

the day death died

there was no weeping

no grieving

songs of joy

victoriously weaving

the story of Jesus

risen alive

the day that death died.


The vail was parted

pushed aside

Jesus risen with us to abide

 and love us to life

when we die

no black cloth

 no hearse appeared

glorious colors

bright apparel



no celebrant cried

the day death died.


The day death died

angels sang

Father God smiled

Earth’s children laughed

bells rang

rock rolls

empty tomb

Easter morn

the day death died

and so

we shall all live

through Jesus Christ

our Lord.




Happy Easter! This poem was written by my childhood Pastor. He recited it at my Father’s Celebration of Life service six years ago. What a gift from a hand guided by the greatest gift giver of all.

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