Harvest Group – Updates

Harvest on October 21:  We are 70% through the “Bible Again” study.  Time is flying in a rich way. Thanks, Rebecca, for your great preperation and leadership, and to all for deep sharing.  One of the beautiful things about this group (and our having reached maturity) is the ability to love and thereby trust each other, and from this value each other’s perspectives.  Those who are regulars, you were missed, and we look forward to your quick return.  Hope yoru advnetures and travels went well. Some highlights from today:
  • Pp. 178-179 in the Borg book which explain there is “first hand religion” that we develop on our own from our own experiences, and “2nd hand religion” which is what is told us by others.
  • from the Marigold Hotel movie:  “if things haven’t ended in a good way, then it isn’t the end yet”  (or something like that).
  • As we travel through life somewhat burdened with taking care of others, one wonders, “When will it be MY turn?”  — BUT, there may be a time later in life when we must depend on others to take care of us totally, so embrace all that we can do now—that may be part of our purpose.
  • Our purpose often just unfolds as we travel through our lifetime
  • We can look backwards on life and realize we have had impact, we have had purpose (the George Bailey factor)
  • When reading Eccleisastes 3: 1-8, read the phrases as inclusive aspects of life, not as THIS and/or THAT:  “[in life] there is a time to weep AND a time to laugh”  — This is living life fully… When we accept the good and the bad, as both are important in developing acceptance of that which one cannot change
  • We need to learn this in order to develop the ability to accept the changes (and losses and thereby mourning) that comes from aging.
Borg’s words in the video looked at Job.  This book emphasizes that one should worship God WITHOUT a carrot or stick motive.  This question:  IF punishment (hell or bad things happening in life) and reward (heaven or good things happening in life) are taken away, who would still love God?
Also, this reminder that one cannot take everyting in the Bible as though it were God’s point of view, as the Biblical writings are man’s points of view and experiences.
When reading the last 4 chapters of Job, that is God’s voice to Job, where the marvels of the universe are pointed out.  Here, Job moves (in 42:5) from “hearing of the ear”—-which is the convensional wisdom of 2nd Hand Traditions— to “Now my Eye Beholds You”—-which is 1st hand experiences by the glories of the natural world, when one “melt(s) into nothingness.”  In this state, the ego/boundary of self dissolves, and the experience of God is made real, known and experienced.
NEXT Sunday, October 28:  Brian will lead us on the Gospels, Ch 8.  The emphasis will again be on history and metaphor.  AND, Phyllis will share with us about Genesis and the answers she has found and is still seeking for us.
Blessings to all this week.  And if not feeling blessed, think of Job!

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