Week 6 – Updates

Thank you, Bet, for leading on Lesson 6 today. Those who can’t be with us are always missed. Among other things, we completed the exercise on page 29 about various social analyses. It was certainly a lesson that could have continued for another 40 or more minutes! Good dialogues. We all enjoyed sharing our civil observations today, the laughter, the deep insights, the probing questions, the sharing, and the coffee, pumpkin butter and scones (Marsha and Jim are enjoying the leftovers!).

Highlights from Borg’s video: Consider reading Amos. Borg mentioned this was the chapter that changed his attitude about the Bible, and where he realized the passion in the Bible is for THIS world. Borg noted that the Bible is filled with “God-intoxicated voices of social protest against oppression…. The Bible calls for a different kind of world. This is God’s passion.”

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