Week of October 7

We’re plowing right through this study! Half way through. Thank you for leading us Sunday, DEBBIE, and for that outline you wrote on the board!

Welcome JAN! (Thanks for bringing her, Brenda*). And it was great to have SANDY FABER with us.

Borg points out he sees 3 macro narratives that shape the Bible as a whole:
1. The exodus (which is Israel’s primal narrative—gave birth to ancient Israel with political and economic liberation)
2. Living in Exile (refers to the people’s time in Babylon
3. The Priestly period, which contains the stories of sin, guilt and sacrifice. Sacrifice leads to forgiveness.

The stories of Abraham and Sarah through Joseph and Moses, tell of yearning for fulfillment of a promise, when threats challenge our will.

These Pentateuch stories are powerful in that the address the political and the personal. Borg points out we often live in a personal bondage, and the Hebrew stories demonstrate how we have a “pharoah” within us from whom we need to be liberated from the material, social and religious messages that bind us. Stories of “promise, threat, and fulfillment” are the fiber of the exile days of the Jewish people.

Looking at the story of Moses and Exodus, experiencing liberation is a theme for all the ages. The group discussion questions 1 & 2 on page 26 of our study guide asked for several ways that we face “religious passion and social justice” today.

Finally, the issue of separation (from where we want to be) has a solution in returning, a journey to the “promised” land: When we have separation, we need reconnection.
The closing, contemporary psalm (worth reading if you haven’t) in our study guide frames what many of us feel in our times of longing: “How long, oh God, how long?” (pp26-27)

Next week we’ll look at the Prophets, chapter 6, with BET leading us. Have a great week with the beauty of the autumn colors bringing us joy in the moment.


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