Week 4 – Borg

Hello, Harvest Class. Thanks to Phyllis for leading us in discussion Sunday. She framed aspects of the Bible… such as the paraphrase versions, the translations, things not quite so… and reminded us about familiar concepts: parable, methaphor, simile; and a new concept: midrash (Jewish story building). She also helped us explore “historical” approaches to Bible texts and the “metaphorical” —-both words put together by author Borg to explain his interpretation of what much of the Bible holds and how it is applied in contemporary times. Thanks, too, Phyllis, for telling us about Josephus, and the book about him by Paul Maier. (Josephus lived during the time that the early Christian movement was taking off in the 100s, and wrote about similar concepts as found in the Bible.)

NEXT WEEK: Bet will lead us on chapter 4 about Creation.

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