Week 2 – Summary

Prayers and thanksgiving for our 48 T-Bird: Brenda is recovered well enough from a mild outbreak of shingles to be with us again on Sunday, and Petersons will be back in town as well. Karen Loyal sends her love and says she misses us too. AND WELCOME BRIAN LEGATE and PHYLLIS BANISTER to the Harvest group! You are a great addition for the study of Reading the Bible Again for the First Time (Marcus Borg).

Here are a few notes from recent sessions:

Some Borg words we explored:
The character of God vs the Nature of God …. two distinctions
(he suggests God is womb-like… compassionate…. life-giving with feeling for another)
As God is Passionate, God is passionate about justice, and distributive justice (that all have enough)

Debbie Stockhausen suggested this means for remembering the Wesley Quadrilateral; “TRES”…
Tradition Reason Experience are used along with Scripture as a guide to God

Each of us came up with different interpretations of a painting last Sunday… demonstrating that we are a lens for interpretation and understanding based on the Tradition, Reason, and Experience.

For those reading in the Borg book, we’ll be on Chapter 3 Sunday. Phyllis will lead us. Be logging the metaphors you hear this week!

PS: Harvest Class is now 1 year old!

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